Windows does this to ensure your system files are protected and that only the administrator can make changes to them. Notepad is a simple text editor for Microsoft Windows. It has been included in all versions of Microsoft Windows since Windows 1.0 in 1985. While Microsoft hasn’t updated Notepad for years, Windows 10 Build features some highly requested changes. The software’s developer describes it as a multi-platform application for searching and browsing through complicated log files. That makes it suitable for programmers and system admins.

  • Simple select the text that you want to cut, copy, or paste and head over to Edit and choose the desired option.
  • And then click the next option and choose the file from your computer you want to convert.
  • This article is going to explain that how to convert a text file to excel.
  • This also means that you can’t run Notepad as long as the setting is in effect.

If you’ve been wondering what happened to Notepad in Windows 10, you’re not alone. Microsoft removed the popular application from its operating system, and now you have to install it manually. If you’ve installed Windows 10 on your PC, notepad will be missing from the Start menu.

Part 5: FAQs about Notepad Files

Select the brand-new text editor there, click the Always usage this application to open.txt documents alternative, as well as press the OKAY switch. Notepad lacks many basic features available in other text editors, such as block selection and MDI. Notepad++ is a free text editing app and it was launched in November 2003. It is the simplest code editor available in 90 languages.

Click on the newly created runas key and then double-click on Default in the right-hand side pane. Navigate to your Windows folder, head into System32, and double-click on Notepad.exe. Enter your administrator password and the app will open. When Notepad appears in the search results, right-click on it and select Run as administrator.

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The find-and-replace tool of Notepad text editor also gets updated to the efficient utility. The find-and-replace shortcut has been merged to be accessible with one Ctrl + F combination. It also supports multiple undo-redo actions with Ctrl + Z and Ctrl + Y shortcuts. The user can also add colorful emojis with Windows + . For starters, Microsoft has combined the text search tool and the find and replace tool in Notepad to make it a singular window.

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Type or paste the path at the end of the list. In Windows 10 and Windows 11, Notepad is available as an optional feature. When the Notepad is missing or uninstalled Notepad manually, you can reinstall Notepad from Optional Features. As you can see, a complete guide on how to open .cfg file in Windows 10 and 11 is illustrated in the post. If you know other methods, please share them with us. If you are using the Open Application activity to open the application, you need to provide the full path of the application.

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